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Maintaining the appearance of your home’s landscape is essential to your curb appeal, which is why having the assistance of a professional landscaping service is crucial. Families across Denver, CO, and the surrounding metro area depend on the passionate landscapers at Denver Patios and Landscape. With more than 14 years of experience, their team is dedicated to delivering superior services to every client. Denver Patios and Landscape is a locally owned and operated company that offers a variety of landscaping services for homeowner associations. They will make sure that every home on the block is trimmed and manicured consistently. Their skilled team offers homeowners paver and patio construction, as well as sidewalk and retaining wall design. If you need a walkway through your garden or a privacy fence between yards, their crew will finish the job promptly. In addition to services for homeowner associations, the company performs landscape maintenance for apartment complexes. They will mow lawns, clear snow, and remove fallen debris, leaving properties in pristine condition for tenants. Their team is also well-versed in the installation of sprinkler and irrigation systems using cutting-edge technology. Denver Patios and Landscape works hard to help clients bring their landscape visions to life through effective communication. They will listen to your concerns and questions to design a landscape that fulfills your goals…




Over the years, we have developed and maintained a hard-earned reputation as excellent landscapers, adept at a plethora of projects ranging from a complete overhaul to customized additions. But perhaps it is our client-centered approach to every project - large or small - that has led to our industry-leading status.
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With over two decades and three generations of work within the industrial landscaping industry, it's safe to say we’ve earned quite the reputation for being the premier solution in the field. Starting a custom home project is exciting, yet imposing, which is why choosing the right partner for your project is so important.


4 Frugal Steps to a Meaner, Greener Lawn
Posted on: Dec 8th 2017

Is it just me or does sometimes it feel like the grass really is greener in other people’s yards?

I can see them now, sporting lush lawns and a smug grin, with people whispering off in the distance, “at this time of year?!”

Well, my friend, I have good news. You too can sport a leafy lawn as your neighbors gawk with envy.


But here’s the best part:

Instead of recommending you spend thousands of dollars or pitching you on our services, we’re going to give you fast, actionable, cheap tricks (no reference to 1980’s hairband) to keeping your lawn lush and your grin smug.



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“When we needed a remodel, OC Home Restoration was there to listen to our ideas and turn them into something we could only dream of. I would have never thought our old yard could look this great. Everyone involved was very professional and understanding. I recommend them to all my friends!”
- Josh and Daisy Jacobs
“As a home flipper speed is my top priority. OC Home Restoration made sure we had a beautiful yard done under budget and before the deadline so I could worry about staging and getting it listed. The design, quality, and attention to detail are world-class. I will most definitely hire them again for my other projects.”
- Lisa Townsend
“Beyond my wildest dreams. Bob and the team at OC Home Restoration blew my expectations completely out of the water. Their service was kind, respectful, and customer-oriented and the after-purchase support has been a breath of fresh air in a diluted marketplace.”
- John Williams


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